Isla de Mujures

Traveling and experiencing different places and cultures is so important in a person's development. If someone has the means to travel, they should take any excuse to take a trip. Just like reading, traveling helps people grow and get out of their own bubble.

In June I was lucky enough to visit Isla de Mujures, which is a small island located in the Carribean Sea and is very close to Cancun. This one of the most gorgeous places I've ever seen. The waters were a clear, crystal blue, there were bright colors everywhere, and the food was amazing. I loved how you needed to take a ferry to arrive. You felt removed from the world and like time moved a little slower when you were here.

Though there are now cars on the island, I learned that many people used to only drive around on mopeds and golf carts. This isn't surprising since you have to take a ferry to access the island and the tourism industry hadn't reached its current peak. Many people still use mopeds and golf carts for their primary use of transportation.

There aren't tons of resorts on the island because there aren't many beaches, but many have fallen in love with this island and still find plenty of things to do. My favorite things to do were swimming in a pool overlooking the ocean, eating at amazing restaurants, and walking around the town center.

Thankfully, we avoided the overly tourist-trap restaurants and attractions because part of the island's attraction is that it doesn't cater too much to visitors. Hopefully, the island doesn't become too developed, because it would definitely lose some of its allure.


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