Nightly Routine

When I was little, I remember my nightly routine with my family. Dinner with my family, clearing the table, taking a shower, a few minutes for TV, then reading until one of my parents tucked me in. A pretty picturesque childhood, I realize.

Now that I'm an adult, nightly routines have been more touch-and-go, but after daily stresses, I've realized that they're important to maintain. Here's the routine I try to keep:

Healthy and mostly homemade (thanks Trader Joe's!) dinner with my significant other in the tiny home, preferably not in front of the TV and at the tiny drop-leaf table.

A shower or bath with lavender body wash or Epsom salts to get the yuck of the day off and rose oil face wash.

Finally followed up by getting in one of my favorite new nightshirts from J. Crew that are the perfect weight and length

When I'm ready to get in bed, I read for around an hour while half-watching a movie or show (terrible habit, I know), and write a line in my journal.

Having an established routine makes me feel settled, ready to go to sleep, and prepped for the day ahead.

Do you have a nightly routine?


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