Mary Hagen Carmichael's Recent Reads

This spring I'm all about getting comfy and reading.

As someone who reads at least one book a week, here are four that have stood out recently -

Not my favorite Liane Moriarty novel, but I loved the way the characters and their stories intersect. It's easy to get lost in this novel and has an element of suspense that makes it a fast and easy read. I would recommend, but I'm not sure if I'll reread this novel anytime soon.

Absolutely LOVED this novel and recommended it to my mom, who promptly hated it, so take my glowing review with a grain of salt. This novel reminds you that those who seem to have it all truly don't and tells the tale of an unconventional love story. 

I typically am not a fan of mythology, but after the rave reviews of this novel, I am so glad I picked it up. I ended up devouring it in two days. It was surprisingly easy to get into, despite my limited knowledge of mythology and the characters were easy to relate to, even though they otherwordly. 

This was a lovely LBGTQ YA novel. It was beautifully written and I encourage everyone to read it if only to experience the quality of writing and to bring them back to their teenage years as a reminder of how hard it is, no matter who you are.


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