Hagen Carmichael's Review The Stranger Inside // Laura Benedict

The Stranger Inside
Laura Benedict

What would you do if you came back from a trip and suddenly your locks were changed and a stranger was living in your home? This is the issue the protagonist of Laura Benedict's The Stranger Inside faces as she returns from a weekend getaway.

This psychological-drama and thriller tells the story of Kimber, who is honestly the first protagonist I've encountered that I actively disliked but still wanted her to succeed. When she returns home from her cabin weekend, the stranger in her home tells her that he knows what she did, indicating some familiarity, though she does not realize why.

Kimber's life slowly unravels as she reveals how her family history may impact her current situation. The reader becomes invested in Kimber's life and is surprised at the many twists and turns that keep you in suspense until the last page. The ending is truly shocking and wraps up the novel in a way the reader would not anticipate.

If you're a fan of psychological dramas, thrillers, and mysteries, read this book.


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