Hagen's Guide to Greenville's TD Farmer's Market

It's the beginning of May, which means the Greenville, SC TD Farmer's Market is back. I absolutely love the farmer's market downtown. They close the main street and local vendors from all over the upstate of South Carolina bring their goods ranging from flowers to bread to honey.

It fosters a sense of community and feels amazing to support local small businesses. Unfortunately, I forgot to snap some of my own pictures, but here are some from Instagram. The original poster was given credit under their picture.

Some tips:
  1. Go early! You do not want your favorite places to sell out of the goods you've been looking forward to all week.
  2. Park in the parking Richardson Street Parking Garage. You don't want to deal with street parking and the main street is closed.
  3. Bring two bags in case you want flowers. You don't want the lovely flowers to be smashed by any bigger food items. 
  4. Don't go hungry (or do and get a baked good to nibble on while you walk around - no judgment)
  5. Make a list - just because the huge thing of collards or beets look super fresh and cool, if you aren't going to cook with them, don't let them go to waste.
  6. Allow yourself plenty of time to walk around and talk to the local vendors. They love to answer questions about their goods!  


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